A $20 fee will be charged per week delayed to the next scheduled cleaning when the client gives a 24 hours notice.

If a cleaning appotiment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, a fee of 50% of that cleaning´s cost will be charged in the same day and a $20 fee will be charged per week delayed to the next schedule cleaning. If Seleta Cleaning cancels the scheduled service, no fee will be charged.


All types of payments are required on the same day of service and Cash and Check must be given to the cleaner in charge upon arrival or left in an easily accessible and/or visible location for instances where the client is not on the property during the cleaning.

Zelle transfers are accepted. Venmo transfers are accecpted with an additional fee of $3.00

Not accepting these terms will result in the cleaning crew departing and the 25% fee charged.

Work Hours

Normal work schedules will consist of a Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm.

Exceptions to the normal work schedule will be chosen by the cleaner in charge. The customer must provide a reason for not being able to comply with the normal schedule. Exceptions will also be made for move-in/move-out.

Customers who chose to have regularly scheduled cleans must agree to a set plan and try to not deviate from that routine out of convenience to the customer and company.

Alarm System and Keys

If there is an alarm system or gate code, please email or text the password one day in advance to ensure quick access and no complications.

In instances where the customer would like to provide a copy of a key or keys, they can be given to the cleaner in charge in whatever way the owner of the property sees fit.


If there is a case of any type of contagious disease on the part of the company or the client, cleaning must be rescheduled.

If one of the family members suffers from any allergies related to pet hair, this must be noted to the company.

Seleta Cleaning will never use equipment, rags, etc. from previous jobs without them being properly cleaned before arrival.

Photos and videos

By agreeing to these terms, before and after photos and videos will be taken, with the cleaner find necessary, with the pure intention of promoting Seleta Cleaning's services.

If there is an instance that you cannot comply with these terms, please make the cleaner in charge aware of the property or certain rooms in question.

The following will never be disclosed: photos, personal articles, address details (such as the exterior of the house and mailbox), members of the house.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

If the customer is not satisfied with the services provided, please contact Seleta Cleaning via email with any information you have. This may include photos or videos of these issues.

Seleta Cleaning promises to do everything in their power to make these issues right upon reviewal of the problem.

Personal Information

1 - Seleta Cleaning guarantees that personal information that is collected, such as addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails, will never be shared with non-Seleta Cleaning personnel or the public.

2 - Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account information will not be collected through the website, e-mail, or social media. The client is entirely responsible for adding the information on the Stripe platform (link provided via e-mail).

Additional Information

1- Items that are considered priceless, highly valuable, or not replaceable, Seleta Cleaning asks that these items be put to the side or in a safe place. We will not be held responsible for items like this that are broken upon cleaning due to accidents.

2- If you intend to schedule multiple times with Seleta Cleaning, the cleaner in charge can request a deep clean to be done in advance of any standard cleaning services This is to ensure Seleta Cleaning has a solid base for the property´s cleanliness.